Welcome to Gillen Photography!  I hope you like it here. I sure do.


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Photography is a wonderful form of art and I am happy to share my passion for art with all of you.  It is an amazing feeling to capture your life's moments.  If you want beautiful and candid photos to hang on your wall then you have come to the right place.

My sessions are quick, painless and often involve a lot of laughing and getting to know each other.  I treat each client like friends and family.  Welcome to my family!




It's your story - I am just here to document it.  I adore getting to know you and your family.  Asking silly questions that make the kids light up (true smiles are the BEST) relaxes the kids - all while getting great shots.  If I had a style, it would be "posed candid"  I may sit you a particular way or have the kids stand in a certain place but after that its all you.  Mostly candid faces, giggles and special moments land in my camera.

Some advice to all my clients and future clients alike... loosen up and have fun with it!  The more relaxed and natural you are the better the photographs turn out. Promise!

"Gillen Photography did an awesome job with our family photos! Laura was fun to work with, and super-patient with my rowdy boys. Most of all, she got some amazing shots!! I'll definitely be a repeat customer, and I recommend her to anyone looking for professional, beautiful photos." - Kate Peake